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Prestige Pro Services is a professional Colorado
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We know how important it is
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5 Essential questions to ask when hiring a cleaning service.

Hiring a dependable and professional cleaning company can be a daunting task. Open a newspaper, google ‘cleaners in my area’ or pull up any coupon website and you will have many options to choose from. You will find yourself digging through franchises, individuals and even those dreaded fly-by-night mom and pop cleaners. Amongst your options in the Denver area, you will see prices ranging from $10 an hour to $75 an hour and it is easy to get lost in the process of hiring the best fit for your home or office. So, we would love to recommend some questions you should be asking every cleaner you might be considering. The answers might help to ensure that the company you do finally hire is truly the best fit to properly care for your biggest asset- your home.

We hate to see anyone fall victim to the less than credible cleaners who will advertise as being insured and bonded but actually are not. Any respectable cleaning company will he happy and willing to show you their proof of liability insurance as well as their bond. Proper insurance vital. It is common standard that a PROFESSIONAL cleaning company carry a million-dollar policy to cover against damage, theft as well as bodily injury. A bond is set into place to cover any financial losses. An uninsured company will be cheaper, but who will replace the wood floors when they ruin the finish, who is going to resurface your stainless-steel appliances when they scratch them or who is going to pay for that flat screen that got knocked off the wall? You will be responsible. Asking this important question will weed out some of the fly-by-night or working-under-the-table cleaners. Once you have the policy number and company, go the extra mile and call can insurance provider.

Workman’s comp is required for all employees under Colorado law once they hire their first employee, however, very few cleaning companies comply because it is so expensive. They might excuse it a way but take heed… hiring them and having uncovered workers in your home opens you up to significant risk of lawsuit if they were to be injured in your home. The risk is even greater with an independent maid, since technically YOU are their employer.

The fact that these folks come into your home and have access to all of your personal belongings needs to be on the forefront of the hiring person’s mind, whether that be the company’s owners or you yourself if it is an independent cleaner. Do they check applicant’s references? Do they run a nationwide criminal background check? Are their employees drug tested? If independent, will they agree to a criminal background check? Are they willing to provide proof? Unfortunately, there are independent house cleaners that turn to cleaning because they cannot get hired at a 9-5 position because they have a past criminal conviction.

The turnover in the cleaning industry is super high, and because of this many companies don’t have time to train, but just throw new cleaners out there hope the work gets done well enough. It is not uncommon for new cleaners to get very little training. The best companies will have formal, documented, on-going training programs. This helps ensure consistency in quality and reduce the turnover of the staff who clean your home. Ask to see their training material.

Do you have a task checklist that must be followed every visit?
This is extremely important. Not only does it get both you and the cleaning company on the same page when it comes to what will be done, but it also keeps the standard of clean the same so there will not be any slacking months down the line. You will save yourself a lot of probable grief by getting written specifications upfront.

Our Customers Say



Colorado Springs

I got my deposit back from my very finicky landlord! Miracle!


Black Forest

I never really think about the person on the other end of the phone scheduling my cleaning but as I was scheduling the next cleaning, I mentioned I was having surgery and wouldn’t be there to let them in. Was pleasantly surprised when a cheery get-well basket showed up on my counter after you guys cleaned for me. Talk about customer service!


Thank you! Hired you to clean my aunts’ home for her homecoming from being in the hospital during Chemo treatment. I came and did a “white glove test” knowing that it had to be perfectly sanitized… and your girls passed! Thank you again!


My office has never looked better! They are fast, efficient, respectful and do an excellent job.


The cleaning process was amazing. They were on time and prepared. I work from home and due to the professionalism and courtesy of this company my working hours were not interrupted. Thank you for cleaning my home so carefully and completely. I will now enjoy more time with those closest to me.



We had our house done by them right before Christmas and they were great! We were having a remodel done and they even helped the contractors by loaning them cleaning supplies so they could clean up after themselves! Top notch cleaning company!